What Is The Restrict Act Really About?

What Is The Restrict Act Really About?


  • New revelations tonight on just how entrenched the U.S. government-social media censoring machine has become. We’ll show you the bombshell congressional testimony that every mainstream corporate media outlet wants to keep hidden from America.
  • And how exactly would the proposed RESTRICT Act legislation introduced in Congress affect your ability to maintain your free speech rights? 
  • Another train derailment as a line of boxcars goes up in flames in Minnesota.
  • Italy outlaws lab-grown meat.
  • And what about that breaching of the Tennessee State Capitol by anti-gun radicals? It looked an awful lot like the January 6 protests with people milling around the capitol building, only these folks were not nearly as well behaved.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We start off tonight with key testimony in the House hearings on the weaponization of government under the Biden administration.

There has been much information come to light recently on how the federal government colludes with Big Tech to censor Americans on the major social media platforms.

But how exactly is that accomplished?

Take a look at this testimony from former Missouri Solicitor General Dr. John Sauer under questioning from Congressman Matt Gaetz Thursday, March 30. Sauer reveals that the Biden White House was caught badgering social medial companies until they consented to suppress lawful, even truthful speech on the internet. 

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:03)


New details there on exactly how the silencing of conservative Americans is systematically carried out by a rogue government and a compliant media landscape. And it was opposition to Covid vaccination that was tops on the White House list. They had to shut that down, even if the information was true and accurate.


Hoping to build on the recent momentum toward shutting down free speech in America, two members of Congress have introduced a bill that would have a chilling effect on every American’s First Amendment rights.

The RESTRICT Act, introduced by Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tom Thune (R-SD), is a very deceptive bill.

Disguised as a bi-partisan Tik-Tok bill, the RESTRICT Act is aimed at blocking or disrupting transactions and financial holdings linked to foreign adversaries that pose a risk to national security.

However, the language of this bill could be used to give the U.S. government unprecedented power to punish the free speech of American citizens.

Citing Wired magazine, Zero Hedge reports that Warner, a longtime opponent of free speech who, as Michael Krieger pointed out in 2018 (and confirmed in the Twitter Files) pushed for the 'weaponization' of big tech, crafted the RESTRICT Act to “take swift action against technology companies suspected of cavorting with foreign governments and spies, to effectively vanish their products from shelves and app stores when the threat they pose gets too big to ignore.”

Bad actors listed in the bill are; China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela.

In reality, the RESTRICT Act has very little to do with TikTok or China and everything to do with controlling online content.

In very specific terms, a lot of U.S. websites would be impacted. Why?  Because a lot of websites use third-party plug-ins or “widgets” or software created in foreign countries to support the content on their site. The “Restrict Act” gives the U.S. Director of National Intelligence the ability to tell a website using any “foreign content” or software, that might be engaged in platform communication the U.S government views as against its interests, to shut down or face a criminal charge. In very direct terms, the passage of SB686 would give the Department of Commerce, DNI and DHS the ability to silence any dissident content, just like China and North Korea have been doing for years. This is a very big deal and a major step toward a totalitarian society. 

The RESTRICT Act can also be used to punish people using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) if they're used to access banned websites, and directs the Secretary of Commerce to “identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate” that which is deemed a national security risk associated with technology linked to China, Russia or the other listed countries.


In overseas news, Italy is striking back against the rest of the West by declaring lab-grown meat and insect-infused flour to be illegal.

The country announced bans on insects in flour used for pasta and pizza, along with banning lab-grown and cell-cultured meats.

In January the European Union voted that mealworm larvae and house crickets are safe for human consumption, and could be ground into a powder and added to flours and other food products. Other types of crickets, locusts, and darkling beetle larvae were already permitted.

Italy, however, is pushing back against this trend and is prohibiting some of these bugs from being consumed by its people, claiming they are of dubious nutritional value and not at all environmentally friendly as advertised.

While these buggy flours are strictly forbidden for use in pizza and pasta, those who use them for any other product must display large lettering on the packaging indicating that it is separate from “typical” flour.

Agriculture minister Francesco Lollobrigida said in a statement:

“It’s fundamental that these flours are not confused with food made in Italy. What the decrees provide for is a label with the origin of the product, the risks associated with consumption and the quantity of insect meal present, but we have also provided special shelves where they can be displayed inside the shops. Those who want to choose crickets, larvae and locusts can go there and those who don’t want to, as I imagine most Italians, can keep away.”

The law takes effect in June.

But Italy is taking things a step further and also going after the fake lab-grown meats.

On March 29, as explained by Italian paper Rai News, the Italian government officially prohibited “food business operators to use, or even sell, trade, import, produce for export, administer or distribute for consumption, in the preparation of food, drinks and feed, food or feed consisting of, isolated or produced from cell cultures or from tissues derived from vertebrate animals.” 

Before being signed into law, the bill had already collected roughly 500,000 signatures pledging to support the ban on cell-cultured meats.

Lollobrigida said in a statement:

“We wanted to protect our culture and our tradition, including food and wine. If synthetic food production were to be imposed on the markets, there would be higher unemployment, more risks for biodiversity and products which, in our opinion, would not guarantee well-being. There is no persecutory attitude but a strong will to protect.”

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also supports the act, stating:

“We could only celebrate with our farmers a measure that puts Italy at the forefront, on the issue not only of defending excellence, a particularly important matter for us, but also on the issue of consumer protection.”


Reality is starting to set in in Europe. Ukraine’s endless black hole of Western money and weapons is depleting other countries of their national defense, and Western countries don’t have the industrial infrastructure to keep up with Russia and China when it comes to churning out munitions to continue the war in Ukraine.

The latest evidence of this comes from Austria, where Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was scheduled to speak this past week. 

Watch this video for the reception he received in the Austrian Parliament.



It looks like at least half of the MPs in that room got up and walked out as soon as Zelenskyy began to speak. And some of those signs they quietly put in place before walking out were calling for “neutrality” in the war between Russia and Ukraine.


Russia arrested an American Wall Street Journal reporter on espionage charges.

Evan Gershkovich was reportedly dragged out of a restaurant in the city of Yekaterinburg and shoved into a car with his sweater over his head.

Gershkovich is facing up to 20 years in prison.

The Associated Press reported that the arrest was the first time a U.S. correspondent has been detained on spying accusations since the Cold War. 

His employer, the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by News Corp., denied the allegations and demanded his release.

Gershkovich was detained while allegedly trying to obtain classified information, the Federal Security Service, known by the acronym FSB, said Thursday.

According to the AP, the FSB alleges that Gershkovich “was acting on instructions from the American side to collect information about the activities of one of the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex that constitutes a state secret.”

The last American reporter to be arrested on espionage charges in Russia was when Nicholas Daniloff, a Moscow correspondent for U.S. News and World Report, was arrested by the KGB in September 1986. Daniloff was released without charge 20 days later in a swap for an employee of the Soviet Union’s United Nations mission who was arrested by the FBI, also on spying charges.

At a hearing Thursday, a Moscow court quickly ruled to keep Gershkovich behind bars pending the investigation.


Zero Hedge reports that China has just completed its first trade of liquefied natural gas (LNG) settled in yuan, the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange said on Tuesday. As OilPrice notes, the Chinese state oil and gas giant CNOOC and TotalEnergies completed the first LNG trade on the exchange with settlement in the Chinese currency, the exchange said in a statement carried by Reuters.

The trade involved around 65,000 tons of LNG imported from the United Arab Emirates (because China will never admit that it is re-exporting Russian LNG even though it now does it all the time) the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange added.

The French supermajor, one of the world’s top LNG traders, confirmed to Reuters that the trade involved LNG imported from the UAE, but declined to comment further on the deal. 

China has been looking for years to establish more trade deals in yuan to increase the relevance of the petroyuan (or LNG-yuan as the case may be) on the global markets and challenge the U.S. dollar’s dominance in international trade, including in energy trade. During a landmark visit to Riyadh in December, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China and the Arab Gulf nations should use the Shanghai Petroleum and National Gas Exchange as a platform to carry out yuan settlement of oil and gas trades.

“China will continue to import large quantities of crude oil from GCC countries, expand imports of liquefied natural gas, strengthen cooperation in upstream oil and gas development, engineering services, storage, transportation and refining, and make full use of the Shanghai Petroleum and National Gas Exchange as a platform to carry out yuan settlement of oil and gas trade,” Xi said in December, as carried by Reuters


Another major freight train derailment occurred this past week, this time in a fiery crash near a small town in Minnesota early Thursday, forcing residents to evacuate as a precaution, officials said in a report by Yahoo News.



The incident was reported at around 1 a.m. CT. Multiple tankers of a train operated by BNSF Railway derailed and caught fire on the western edge of Raymond, a town in Minnesota's southwestern Kandiyohi County that has a population of less than 800. The tankers were carrying “a form of ethanol” and “a corn syrup liquid,” according to a press release from the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office.

BNSF spokesperson Lena Kent confirmed to ABC News that approximately 22 cars of a train carrying mixed freight including ethanol and corn syrup derailed. The company, one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America, is investigating the cause of the incident and, so far, there were no reported injuries, according Kent.

“BNSF field personnel are responding to assess the derailment site and will be working closely with local first responders,” Kent told ABC News in a statement Thursday. “The main track is blocked and an estimated time for reopening the line is not available.”

A half-mile evacuation radius was established around the derailment site. Residents within the designated area “were instructed to leave their homes,” while those “with nowhere to go” were sent to a school in the nearby town of Prinsburg, according to the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office.

The fire at the derailment site “is being contained” and members of the public are advised against traveling to Raymond in the meantime, the sheriff's office said.

The Raymond Fire Department, which deployed firefighters to the scene, said in a Facebook post that the evacuation is “for precautionary measures.”


The so-called 'QAnon Shaman' who pleaded guilty to storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has been released from prison to a halfway house 14 months early, in an apparent reduction for good behavior.

Jacob Chansley, 35, pleaded guilty in September 2021 to civil disorder and violent entry to the Capitol, among other charges, and was later sentenced to 41 months in federal prison.

As of Thursday, Bureau of Prison (BOP) records showed, and his former attorney confirmed in a statement to DailyMail.com, that Chansley was in a Phoenix-area halfway house after serving just under 27 months in prison total. 

Chansley's release comes weeks after his former attorney demanded he be freed in light of new video from the Capitol riot, but the reason for his transfer to the halfway house was unclear, and the BOP did not immediately return a request for comment. 

A former federal prosecutor not connected to the case said it was doubtful public pressure played a role, noting the transfer appears “kind of routine” under BOP guidelines for good-behavior sentence reductions and re-entry programs.  

Federal inmates can receive a 15 percent reduction in their prison sentence for good behavior behind bars, and can also serve the final 12 months of their sentences in halfway houses at the discretion of the Bureau of Prisons. 

Bureau of Prison records confirmed that Chansley is in the custody of the Residential Re-entry Management field office in Phoenix, which contracts with halfway houses to help inmates prepare to re-enter society.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

An anti-gun mob stormed the Tennessee capitol building on Thursday, March 30, leading many observers to conclude based on prior treatment of the Jan.6 riots that a full-scale insurrection is being unleashed on the state’s democracy.

Video footage shows a large group of rioters screaming at lawmakers, interrupting the democratic process of floor sessions in the legislature.

The angry mob started screaming and chanting “No action, no peace.”

In one video, the throng can be seen pushing against a small contingent of police officers in an apparent attempt to push through them into the area of the Capitol where elected officials conduct business.



So far, we’ve neither seen nor heard any statements released from the Biden administration describing the situation in Nashville as an “assault on the sanctity of our democracy.”

Can we expect the FBI to knock down their doors and drag them off to the gulag?

Transgendered mass shooter Audrey Hale attacked the Christian Covenant School in Nashville earlier this week, and we didn’t hear anything from Biden about hate crimes. But Biden did make a comment. He said the transgender community is “under attack.” 

Biden is incensed that 10 states have recently enacted laws or policies banning so-called gender-affirming care for children as young as 11 or 12 years old, who Biden says should be allowed to consent to doctors prescribing them chemical hormones, puberty blockers and the cutting off of healthy body parts. This man is sick and needs to seek help, along with every other politicians advocating this disgusting ideology.

So it’s not the Christian community which is under attack, as evidenced by the shooting in Nashville. No. Biden said the trans community is under attack, in an obvious attempt to gaslight everyone who still has functioning brain cells.

His attorney general, Merrick Garland, has refused to file federal hate crimes charges against Hale. Why is that? 

We know why; because she was a member of a protected class, an untouchable, and if it were left up to Biden’s FBI, the whole school would have potentially been slaughtered. That’s how much the federal government cares right now about you if you are white and Christian. 

It's not even accurate to say you are a second-class citizen if you are unfortunate enough to meet those classifications. White and Christian. Your life is worthless now, clearly, and is not worth defending with the full extent of the law.

This is just the latest example of how, under our current system of justice, the lawbreakers will be protected and the law abiders will be jailed. 

The rhetoric, the activism, the media coverage, the exploitation of victims, everything we’ve seen since the tragic hate crime carried out last Monday at the Covenant Christian School in Nashville, for the left, it’s all about the rank politicization of guns. A tool. Like any other tool, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use it.

What we are seeing unfold is a controlled demolition of the 2nd Amendment.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. 

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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