WVW Broadcast Partner Phil Haney Has Passed Away

WVW Broadcast Partner Phil Haney Has Passed Away

WVW Broadcast Network is very sad to report the news of the death of our friend and broadcast partner, Phillip Haney. 

At approximately 6:30pm CT on Friday evening February 21st, Brannon Howse, President of WVW Broadcast Network, received an urgent email from Pastor Brandon Halthaus of Bakersfield, California requesting that Brannon call him. Pastor Brandon is a long time friend of Mr. Howse and is also a close friend of Phil Haney. Brannon called Pastor Brandon and was informed that Mr. Haney had been found with a single gun shot wound and was deceased. 

Pastor Brandon had spoken with Phil for approximately 90 minutes on the morning of February 20th. Pastor Brandon received a text from Mr. Haney one last time at approximately 6:02pm California time. Mr. Haney was found deceased on Friday at approximately 10:12am California time.

Pastor Brandon reported to Brannon that Phil was very positive about his future plans in both his personal and professional life. Brannon spoke with Phil a couple weeks ago and also reports that Phil was more positive about the future and his life than he had heard him in a very long time. 

Phil’s wife passed away in early 2019 and in June of 2019, Phil requested to host his wife’s memorial service from the WVW Broadcast studio. This service was live-streamed from the studios of WVW Broadcast Network in Memphis, TN. The service included a tremendous amount of live calls into the studio from family and friends that sought to eulogize Franny. 

Phil had discussed with Brannon his returning to the studios of WVW Broadcast Network in March of 2020 to continue filming his TV show he called, National Security Meltdown.

Brannon asked Pastor Brandon if the news of Phil’s death had made it to the public or the internet. Pastor Brandon said he did not believe that was the case. Brannon’s first phone call was to WVW Broadcast partner Clare Lopez to inform her of the sad news. Clare then informed Tom Trento of The United West. Tom informed many of his team with the United West who began to inform the close knit circle of patriots who all worked with and valued Phil Haney. 

Brannon then called to inform Usama Dakdok, Shahram Hadian, and Anni Cyrus. After consultation with Tom Trento, David Baldovin, David Bores and a few others, Brannon made the decision that WVW Broadcast Network would not release any information on the death of Phil Haney until we had an official statement from the Amador County Sheriff’s office. We made this decision out of respect for Phil’s family and to give law enforcement the opportunity to conduct their investigation.

Sadly, some people have taken to the internet to make statements and give details despite possessing no knowledge that would warrant their statements or conclusions. This is exactly why WVW Broadcast Network has waited almost 24 hours to release this statement.

Please read the press release put out by the Amador County Sheriff’s office that is provided. 

We appreciate the outpouring of emails, texts and Facebook comments concerning our beloved broadcast partner, Mr. Phillip Haney. We will have a radio show on Monday to discuss what we know and only what we know. We will use this broadcast to discuss known facts and to honor the life and work of Mr. Haney. That program can be heard live at 1pm CT on Monday at www.worldviewradio.com/live.

We still have several of Phil’s TV shows that are yet to be produced and released. We will put one online this weekend at wvwtv.com that was already slated for release. The remainder will be released as they undergo post-editing. Mr. Haney is a former Department of Homeland Security Officer and author of the book See Something, Say Nothing. 

Thank you for your prayers for the family of Mr. Haney. Our deepest condolences to his sisters, daughter and granddaughter. Phil was known for his passion for America and for his gentle spirit. Phil will be greatly missed by all who benefited from his friendship and life’s work.


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